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Four Brands We Are Excited to See This Holiday Season

Authored by: Hayden Sisk, Account Executive

It’s here, the most wonderful time of the year! With the holiday season upon us, we begin seeing the chain retailers bust out Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, and endless reindeer and snowman decor. Your favorite nightly program becomes an ode to holiday cheer and families gather around the tree.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, especially for advertising. Brands push more than their products; they push the sentimentality of love and giving. Take a look at the brands I’m most excited to see this season!


  • I’m a sucker for the classics. When I think Christmas, I automatically think Coca-Cola. Not only is it my personal favorite soft drink, but Coke’s advertisements kill it during the holiday season. Santa Claus has been a classic Coca-Cola staple since the 1920’s. The brand has continued to dominate the holiday season in the realm of advertising by remaining true to the look, feel, and messaging of the original ads created nearly 100 years ago. Last year’s spot still held true to that feeling. There is something that gets people about seeing the classic Santa sipping on an ice-cold Coca-Cola.


  • Macy’s, America’s favorite department store! Macy’s is another classic I love. They are most known for their Believe campaign, which pushes kids to send letters to Santa in their big mailbox, which also supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Last year, they released three emotional spots for the holiday season. My personal favorite from 2017 was The Perfect Scent. The spot showcases a family whose father works remotely on a fishing boat. For Christmas, the daughter buys her mother the same cologne that her dad wears. It definitely pulls at the heartstrings!


  • H&M is notorious for bringing big name celebrities into their holiday ads. Last year’s ad, A Magical Holidayfeatured Grey’ Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, and rap queen, Nicki Minaj. The ad showcased the story of an evil brother of Father Christmas and a little girl who saves the day. The previous 2016 spot, Come Togetherwas my personal favorite holiday ad by the brand, directed by Wes Anderson. The spot featured Adrien Brody as a conductor on a delayed train on Christmas. Instead of stressing over the delay, the entire train came together to make Christmas special for those missing out on time with their loved ones. Wes Anderson’s creation was beautifully shot and styled, and felt more like a mini-movie than a holiday ad.


  • The M&M’s commercial of Red and Yellow spooking Santa, with both parties proclaiming, “they do exist!” has been around since 1996. With the original ad, we never found out what happened to Santa after he passed out, but last year, the next sequence of the ad was released. In it, we saw that Yellow saved Christmas and delivered toys to children all around the world. It was so exciting to see what happened next in one of the best classic ads. I will be looking out this season to see if they release another next-step to the storyline.

The holiday season is always a great time for advertising. This is when commercials trend closer to stories that pull at our heartstrings, and ads actually remind us of the joy and happiness that comes from sharing time with love ones…and just possibly with a Coca-Cola too!

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