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MonkeyTag: Where it all Started

Authored by: MonkeyTag

This week marks MonkeyTag’s 7th year in business. In honor of Founder’s week (and because we are an advertising agency devoted to storytelling), we wanted to share history of where it all started for us.

The Beginning
In 2010, designers Gary Pedroza and Anthony Bearden decided to merge their creative talents and start a creative agency. With literally a few dollars in the bank and the dream of what could be, they rented a custom, retrofitted Airstream trailer in the heart of Oak Cliff (Dallas) and founded MonkeyTag.

Then, in 2013, Anthony and Gary added Paul A. Tafalla as a co-owner to MonkeyTag. The business quickly gained traction and grew from a more strategic approach. Processes were added and account service became just as important as creative. With the acquisition of Paul, MonkeyTag could now brand itself as an agency with not only unconventional creative, but an agency with a collaborative, systematic approach to project management.

Over the next few years, MonkeyTag established itself as an agency that not only produced exceptional creative, but also an extraordinary team. Clients valued the creative solutions that pushed the envelope. In addition, clients valued their relationships with the MonkeyTag team. Things seemed to be coming together nicely, and people were beginning to take notice.

MonkeyTag is, and always has been, a forward-thinking company. This vision has proven successful throughout the years, and it has helped propel MonkeyTag to become an award-winning agency with clients such as Samsung, La Calle Tacos & Tortas, Local Hub Bicycle Company, and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. By continually striving to defy status quo, MonkeyTag is excited about future growth, and it looks to build upon its already many achievements.

Origins of the MonkeyTag Name
There is inspiration in our creative, and there is inspiration in our name. The name “MonkeyTag” was inspired from a time when monkeys were the first pioneers of space travel. During that time, space travel was perceived as a dream rather than reality. There were two monkeys, however, that changed that perception forever. Able and Baker were the first monkeys ever to launch into space and return safely to earth. They are considered the first successful pioneers of space travel, and because of their success, they paved the way for human space travel.

Like the many teams that pioneered space travel, MonkeyTag exemplifies a passionate desire to explore the creative unknown and venture to achieve what is considered creatively impossible. MonkeyTag’s brand is not only influenced by this forward thinking, it is also influenced by the personal traits of its owners. Animated, daring, playful, analytical, and strategic; all play a role in influencing the MonkeyTag brand. Through this unique blend of inspiration and personality, the MonkeyTag brand radiates style that inspires passion and facilitates an exploration of the impossible.

Each hour of each day of each year, we strive to get better. This year marks our 7th anniversary as MonkeyTag, and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate this accomplishment. Our story is far from over, and we look forward to writing many more chapters over the years to come.